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Let us be your trusted mentor in business: an experienced business person who can guide you, help you see and understand the things you weren't trained for

Take Your Work Life Into Your Own Hands

You Can Win At Work, Keep Your Job and Your Self-Respect

You work in a business world you weren’t trained for. If three or more of the following apply to you, you deserve more help:

  • You’re a professional, medical, legal, technical, or creative specialist, with little or no business training
  • Business people run the company, and their agendas seem arbitrary or unpredictable
  • You are an introvert
  • Your boss, company, team, or project motives or behaviors don’t always make sense
  • Office politics leave you frustrated, angry, anxious, depressed, or just plain crazy
  • You need help with career development or advancement
  • Your boss seems more interested in helping himself, his boss, or the company, than helping you
  • Your HR department seems more interested in protecting the company than helping its employees
  • Management makes decisions that impact you, without prior warning
  • Your boss says he’s on your side, but there’s no clear evidence of it
  • You don’t really have a relationship with your boss
  • You’ve changed jobs every 2 or 3 years
  • You don’t have a mentor or other experienced business person who is 100% on your side

If you’re not an insider, you’re on the outside

You need a trusted partner and ally with years of business experience

The following myths keep you stuck at work, and they leave others in control of your career and destiny

  • Management is a bunch of idiots
  • Your company will notice and reward your education, brilliance, or high performance
  • Your company will reward you for keeping your head down and your mouth shut
  • You can figure it out on your own
  • You’re smarter than your peers
  • Merit raises are based on entirely merit
  • Performance reviews rate and reward your performance
  • Advisors who haven’t been where you want to go can help you get where you want to be
  • Technical skills are the only ones that matter
  • Books, classes, and seminars are the best types of career development

If your career strategy works like this, you need more help

  • You exchange workplace and career advice with your friends over pints
  • You have no trusted advisor, coach, or mentor who’s been where you want to go
  • Not getting the results you want
  • Not getting the results you deserve
  • You don’t have a team, relationships, and agreements for achieving your personal goals

The stakes are high — you can’t rely on half measures and uncertainty

  • Your family depends on you
  • You only get one shot at this life
  • You want to excel at your job, you have big goals, and you want the biggest results possible
  • It may be better to keep your job, your benefits, your vacation accrual, and your 401k vesting that to start over someplace else
  • If you do things right, you get what you want
  • If you do things wrong, you burn bridges

You need a trusted mentor in business: an experienced business person who can guide you, help you see and understand the things you weren’t trained for

We can help you get along, get ahead, and maybe even beat the system

You CAN see and read the writing on the wall: you just need a little help

You will have results like these:


Coaching Goals: Eliminate personal legal liability; improve relationships with boss; keep the job

“When we began our coaching relationship, I was in a high stress environment at work, facing conflicting management and regulatory obligations, with the possibility of job loss or potential criminal liability. I felt numb. With Dylan’s help, I was able to find inner peace despite the ongoing high stress work situation. I became laser focused on changing the situation for a positive outcome, instead of trying to change my boss or focusing on the negative. I chose to go toward my boss to get resolution instead of avoiding him. Instead of waiting him out and waiting for something to happen, I took an active role. I was powerful in the situation and I did whatever I could to move the situation forward and get closure. I focused on the places in the rest of my life where I could win.

The end results are I lost over 55 pounds, and I retired 7 years ahead of schedule, with the respect of my former bosses and employees. I ran a marathon, which I was formerly too heavy to do comfortably, and my wife and I marvel at my 6-pack abs! We now travel the country nearly full time, playing tournament volleyball and visiting friends and family (including new grandchildren)!”

Larry, Engineering Manager


Coaching Goals: Business Development

“Dylan is an inspiring leader and committed to the development and enrichment of those who would have it. I sought Dylan’s perspective and support after I became aware of him in a course we took. He displayed such a level of self-mastery that I had to meet him and learn more. He generously met with me and continues to do so as my mentor. He’s been generous with his time, helpful, and supportive in coaching me to achieve greater value and meaning in my relationships, both at work and in my personal life.”

Patrick, Program Manager


Coaching Goal: Team Leadership

“When we had conversations, I left feeling powerful, like the only possible outcome is achievement of the goal, like failing isn’t possible. He has an insight about business and interpersonal situations that somehow miraculously identifies more possibilities, even in situations where the options seem limited or bad. Suddenly it’s possible to exit a situation with all parties winning, despite the high stakes or the limited number of possibilities originally identified. Dylan makes a point of always looking for win/win and truly seems to believe there’s no situation where everyone can’t get what they want. Meetings are very effective and there is clear outcome when he is in the room.”

Latha, Sr. Project Manager


Coaching Goal: Leadership Development

“Dylan is an awesome leader and strives to help others become leaders as well. He always makes the time to listen to others and offers his advice to help them become winners. Dylan has helped me in this way and I now consider myself a winner and a great leader. Because of Dylan’s positive encouragement, I have confidence in myself to help others succeed as well. I’d recommend Dylan to any person or organization who’s trying to improve and deliver bigger results on an ongoing basis.”

Gracie, Executive Assistant


Our Approach

  1. Clarify your problem or opportunity
  2. Define your ideal future — you deserve it!
  3. Identify the factors necessary to create the future
  4. Clarify the reasons those factors don’t already exist (these will surprise you!)
  5. Acquire the factors

Tools We May Use

  • Organizational Judo
  • Skills Development
  • Values Clarification
  • Authentic Sharing
  • Helpful Honesty
  • Radical Candor
  • Positive Acknowledgement
  • Focus on Strengths, not Weaknesses
  • Shared Experience
  • Assessments
  • Interviews
  • Team Building
  • Role Play
  • Learning New Information
  • Role Modeling
  • Others

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